Cherie Nolden

Cherrie owns and operates a diversified livestock and crop farm in Prairie du Sac, WI. Through an M.S. in Agroecology and a Ph.D. in Animal Sciences, she aims to help bridge the gap between agriculture and conservation with her insights gained from a lifetime of livestock husbandry, a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology, 11 years of organic livestock production self-study, 6 years of post-graduate animal health research, and her previous employment in farm and conservation policy. Cherrie's research will explore the use of livestock as a tool for control of invasive plants and restoration of declining ecosystems in the Upper Midwest. She has independently conducted a year of rotational browsing of goats through brush-infested prairie at the Badger Army Ammunition Plant and will conduct research on oak savanna restoration with goats at the Yellowstone Lake Wildlife Area as part of the degree in Agroecology.